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Mary van der Aa

G.J.G., A.J.A., G.P., A.J.P. (GIA)


Mary van der Aa looks very passionately at jewelry as art. Abstract. Modern. Jewelry Art. Mary grew up in the industry, moving from Michigan to California to pursue an education with the world-famous Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Upon graduation, she was hired by GIA to work in Jewelry Manufacturing Arts, assisting new program development, as well as getting to teach and work with students to help them produce and create their own jewelry pieces.

Mary is always creating something new as she explores inspirations from nature, art, culture and ideas. These days, she is fascinated by the possibilities of abstraction with an emotional impact. She likes to create structural, geometric, “out there” pieces. And she likes using unusual gems, striking colors, and interesting patterns.

Mary creates a range of work, from inexpensive fashion jewelry to pricier, one-of-a-kind sculptured pieces. Mary is intrigued by modern pearl jewelry and classic looks with an edge. She recently launched her first two designer jewelry collections, Architect and Architect Sans. Currently, she’s only up for selective commission work, but loves to discuss design ideas to help you create the perfect piece. 

"I was referred to Mary van der Aa by a friend when looking to make a diamond ring purchase. He told me how enjoyable his experience was and I was not disappointed. My jewelry knowledge is limited. Mary was incredibly helpful and made sure I was comfortable with the whole process. The customer service was outstanding and the value was second to none."

— Dan // Fargo, ND

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"What I treasure most about Mary's jewelry is that is it personally designed, sparkles with intricate cuts, and feels uniquely fit for me. Mary crafts a simple set of stunning diamond and silver earrings that complements natural beauty and goes with any attire. People notice."

— Carla // Marysville, MI

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